Discover our different services here. We provide individualized full-service college counseling, planning and application support to help students find and apply to colleges that fit their academic and personal priorities.

Every package begins with a complimentary consultation between myself, the parents/guardians and the student to determine what services would be most beneficial to your college search and application process.

1. Junior/Senior Comprehensive

List, Application and Essay.    You are thinking ahead and want this process to feel more relaxed and less stressful.

The Comprehensive Program begins junior year and continues through high school graduation.  Clients will receive personalized advice and assistance throughout the college application process. The Program includes:

  • Initial Consultation Meeting (with parent/guardian and student)
  • Orientation meeting with student
  • Information gathering and administration of assessments to determine learning style, interests and college preferences.
  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records and testing.
  • Guidance on high school course selection, and standardized testing schedule and test preparation.
  • Education about the college application process, including review of college admissions timeline and early admission/early decision options.
  • Action plan with organizational timeline and use of College Planner Pro© software.
  • Development of list of colleges uniquely suited to the student based on student performance, interest, academic needs and preferences.
  • Student Profile Development – Parent “Brag Calls” (to assist with long essay planning)
  • Common Application long essay brainstorming and editing.
  • Organizing the supplemental essay process, including help brainstorming and editing up to 8 supplemental essays.
  • Planning for letters of recommendation.
  • School visit preparation and interview coaching.
  • Guidance on preparation of a student resume.
  • Assistance completing the Common Application, including activity list editing.
  • Final overall application review meeting.
  • Deferral/Wait List management.

2. Senior Year Accelerated

Finalize List, Application and Essay.  You are excited to apply to college, but HELP! those applications are due soon.

This program is designed for rising seniors who are new to the area or have started their search process later in their high school career.  It is for students who already have a nearly complete college list.  This accelerated program begins the summer before senior year and therefore requires more frequent meetings and is only an option if we have space available in our schedule.  This includes all the vital elements of the Comprehensive Program, except list building, in a more condensed time frame.

3. Guidance

List and Application.    You’ve got the essays covered; you just need help with the rest of the process.

This Program is designed for students who are strong writers and includes everything in the Comprehensive Program but without essay or supplement assistance.  This program begins junior year and continues through graduation.

4. List Only

Where should I apply?

This Program is for the student who wants help developing a list of potential good fit colleges.   This Program begins during junior year and includes:

  • Information gathering meetings and administration of assessments to determine learning style, career interests and college preferences.
  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records and testing.
  • Comprehensive research of colleges based on student interest and preferences resulting in a customized list of “good fit” colleges uniquely suited for the student.


“You have been an immense help through the entire process!”

“After meeting with Anne, I feel much more settled about my college prospects. Her goal oriented sessions have lead me a to a deeper understanding of where I would like to spend my next four years and what is feasible for me.”

“Anne is fun and pleasant to work with and I always feel that she has my best interests at heart; I wouldn’t want to go through this process without her!”